Thank you isn't enough...but so many deserve it:

Linda for constant love, support, encouragement and being there always, and Hannah, Jamie, Will and Niamh (our beautiful kids) Simon and Emma who are fantastic and mean everything to me

Nigel Shaw & Carolyn Hillier for so much help, inspiration, encouragement, kindness and stunning perceptions into clarifying what life is and once was through their music, art, festivals and writings at
Seventh Wave Music, and for putting on that first flute-making workshop on Dartmoor in 2002

Guillermo Martinez for teaching me so much in that one June day, not only about making flutes, but also about ancestors, heritage and previous lives

William Cartwright (my father) for helped me get started with the woodworking basics, equipment and techniques and so much support and understanding

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Eva McEnery (my mother in law, seriously!) who paid for me to go to that first flute making workshop when I couldn't afford it, and without which none of this would have happened

Dario, Tess, Alexandra and Aniko for being Soul Tribe and such good friends

...The Hazel Trees which overhang and guard my workshop and remind me that while we pass in the blink of an eye, our sacred Mother Earth goes on and needs total respect and honouring

Anton Coker
for having the best English timber yard in Dartmoor and trying to be patient when I turn up unannounced

Paul Goulden
for having the best English timber yard in the south east and always managing to get me to spend far more than I originally intended - but then the quality of his wood and dried timber at Vernham Dean are unsurpassed

Nick Hoare at the Stourhead Western Estate for being so helpful and knowledgeable in supplying some rare and exquisite woods from his 500 hectares of beautiful FSC-accredited and managed Ancient English woodlands

Jeff & Jo Calavan at The Oregon Flute Store for
supplying me (often in a rush) with tools, technical help, CDs and books - including Lew Paxton Price's invaluable series on the maths of flute design which usually saves me from wrecking a good flute during tuning, and opens wide the variety of flutes you can make!

Andrew Vasquez, Joseph FireCrow, & Brian Akipa, for their inspirational flute playing

The group at Nigel's Dartmoor flute workshop 2002 who made it such an enjoyable, companionable day

Meg and Jim who wrapped me and my family in warmth and kindness (and lemon zinger tea) during our Dartmoor stays at their lovely old mansion, Hartyland

Clare Newby, for playing Nigel's The River while giving me Reiki, and then lending me the CD, from which all this flowed

Carlos Casteneda for opening my eyes to the possibility of altered realities

Werner John in the USA for technical chat on how he makes his beautiful sounding flutes and for his eHow video series on learning to play the flute, which is excellent for any beginner (

Helen Exley, for compiling and composing beautiful books on Wisdom and Life

And two final thanks...Firstly, to my spirit guides who I now know are with me every step of my life, particularly when I am making flutes, and who do their best to keep me on the right path. And secondly, a rather strange thanks.... to a small meningitis bug that burned out parts of my brain's wiring and forced me to give up twenty years of university lecturing; life sometimes has painful ways of making you change direction, but "somewhere it is written...."

Below is the start of a Links section to flute-related websites which I have found useful or interesting. This list will surely grow, and I'm open to suggestions! With one exception, I haven't listed other US-based NAF makers' sites because there are so many and a Google search would be far more revealing than a directory of sites here. As on the rest of this site, the links will open up in a new window, so you will need to 'allow pop-ups' in your browser.

Seventh Wave Music - Nigel Shaw and Carolyn Hillier's site covering their inspirational music, art, words, work and workshops. If you've never been there, go now!

The Oregon Flute Store
- Jeff and JoAnn Calavan's store, full of almost everything a flutemaker could wish for.

The World Flute Society - the organisation's site dedicated to preservation and advancement of all things Native American flute.

Flutopedia - Clint Goss' encyclopedia of the NA flute - just about everything you could want to know, and then some more

Uguna flutes - Geoff Norman, one of the very few NA-style flutemakers in the UK and a fine poet.

Zadjik - Ronnie Payne's excellent reference source site on NAF history, making, playing and much more; well written, authoritative and very interesting

Ancient Vision flutes - Charles Littleleaf's site; his carving of bird head flutes and blocks is out of this world.

Yxayotl - the most amazing clay and ancient instruments from a true craftsman and legend.

NAFlutomat - a website-based calculation engine for tuning NAFs, but not for the faint-hearted!

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